Ten years ago next week is the anniversary of the toppling of the democratically elected Kevin Rudd by Julia Gillard. Australia woke up to a new government. So long ago—ten years. So many prime ministers and administrators, and floods, drought, fire, pestilence and recession. And now, national trauma: physical, social and economic. Then I thought, there could not be asylum seekers still in detention since Rudd-Gillard government? Surely not in this country, in this country that some would call the great ‘South Land of the Holy Spirit’? I will ask Sister Jane Keogh, she will know if there are.

Today, many shout ‘Black Lives Matter’, and injustice is called out through the nations. I am Russell Broadbent, member for Monash. Australia, I may stand here alone, but I say all lives matter. Asylum seekers’ lives matter, and their children’s lives matter. I say injustice matters, whether it’s in the open, hidden or in your face. Even more when it’s in your own backyard. Some anniversary.