Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (13:55): One hundred and seventy three people killed, 410 people injured on one day—all on Black Saturday.

Hundreds and hundreds of lives were saved by the work of our CFA that day. It was a shocking, horrific day, when even this parliament was brought to its knees
in grief.

I stand today to speak of that grief. Although the blood of the victims, the ash in the forests and the sweat of those facing the foe when drowned in our tears, did bring forth new life.

There are those who still grieve on this day for the loved ones they lost, for the children they lost, but especially for the future that those children were never given
by the devastation of that fire.

It was a proud moment when this parliament stopped still in its desire to be identified with those who died and those who stood against the foe with such

We are eternally indebted to you and we remember your grief this day. We know there are mums today who are still grieving for their lost children.