Monday, January 18, 2016

A MAJOR new traffic interchange that will replace the Sand Road intersection on the Princes Freeway East came a step closer today.

Federal Member for McMillan Russell Broadbent said a traffic switch will allow a new bridge to be built over the freeway, giving motorists much safer and more efficient access to nearby townships and service centres.

“Traffic has now been switched onto a temporary route which will allow work to start on the bridge over the freeway. From next week, there will be changes to how the intersection operates, and we need road users to be extra cautious, lower their speeds and follow the directions of signs and traffic controllers,” Mr Broadbent said.

The project is being funded with $22.5 million from the Australian Government and $8.7 million from the Victorian Government.

McMillan has also secured more than $1 millon in funding under Round Two of the Australian Government’s Bridges Renewal Programme to support vital upgrades of local bridge infrastructure.

The Daveys Road bridge at Willowgrove ($355,000) and the Bunyip-Modella Road bridge at Bunyip ($694,000) are both set to receive funding for vital work.

Mr Broadbent said the Bridges Renewal Programme underpins the Government’s support for local bridges, which are vital in ensuring communities and local businesses have easy access to essential services, traffic movement and the efficient transportation of road freight.

“The Bridges Renewal Programme is designed to bolster the productivity of Australia’s local bridges, and give councils the support they need to better serve communities and drive greater efficiency in road freight and traffic movement,” Mr Broadbent said.

“It is clear that Councils have thought seriously about how well their proposal addresses the objectives of the Programme and, in many cases, have taken the time to consult with local industry on their needs and priorities.

“These upgrades mean local communities within McMillan will have access to safer and more reliable road access. “This will not only reduce the time taken to transport freight from farms and local industry, but increase productivity and economic gains.

“These projects were identified as priorities by local government and the works will be managed by local government – showing this Government’s commitment to providing real outcomes from the local level up.”