Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (13:34):  What power there is when a community all pull together! I love attending turning of the sod events because it indicates that a long awaited project is about to come to fruition, and none more so than the turning of the sod last week at the Karmai Community Children’s Centre in Korumburra. Jan Martin, Director of Community Services, and Councillor Bob Newton, Mayor of South Gippsland Shire Council, were so excited that at long last this tight-knit community was going to have a state-of-the-art integrated children’s centre to cope with the ever-growing population.

The state and federal governments contributed $1.6 million each and the local government $2 million, but no contribution was more important and worked harder for than the $100,000 that was raised by the local children’s centre committee. Two people who worked so tirelessly for this outcome were President Bronwyn Beach and Vice-President Bec Marriott. Bec Marriott spoke passionately about the consultation, cooperation and collaboration that had been such an important part of, and pivotal in, the success of this application.

To all of those who supported the success of this project in any way, I congratulate you and look forward to the day when the first children pass through the doors. The benefits that this facility will bring to this community are immeasurable. To the people of Korumburra and district, I give my sincere congratulations, and a special ‘well done’ to the committee. I asked that day, ‘How much do we love our children?’ Well, we love them this much.