Healthy soil, healthy food

October 19, 2017 Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (13:56):  I have been wondering why this generation of young people have so many illnesses or other issues that our previous generations didn't face. One thing we all have in common is that we all eat and drink. Is it to do...

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Lennie Gwyther statue

October 17, 2017 Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (16:23):  I would like to seek leave to table the story of Lennie Gwyther. Leave granted. I'd like to speak to that. Congratulations to Leongatha on the presentation and unveiling of the statue to Lennie Gwyther and his horse...

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Celebrating brass bands

October 16, 2017 Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (16:37):  On Saturday there was a very important function at Leongatha, which I will talk about another time when I have more time. But at that function was the South Gippsland Shire Brass Band. They were such an integral part...

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LEGO surf rescue project – Sept 11, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (17:53):  I wasn't going to speak on this motion regarding the melanoma and LEGO surf rescue project, but congratulations to the member for Greenway and a thankyou to the member for Kingsford Smith for drawing this to our attention. What a...

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Manus and Nauru – 16/8/2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (13:35):  David Marr can be pretty hard when he writes. It comes out of his life experiences, and I accept that. I think I know him reasonably well. But there was one line in his article of the 9 August I couldn't walk away from. He was talking...

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Looking after our Veterans – 16/08/2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (11:32):  The first thing I would like to do is identify with the member for Canberra who obviously speaks from not only her personal experience but the heart with regard to veterans, and Canberra would be a place and an electorate where these...

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Aged Care – Monday, August 14, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (11:29):  When you get to my age, you've not only lived aged care but you've administered aged care and you've been around aged care all of your life. I had the great pleasure for nearly 20 years of my life of being in my own show band called...

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Bunyip soccer club – Monday, August 14, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (10:54):  There could've been champions asked every Saturday morning: what have you learnt today? I've learnt today that the people of Corangamite are in very good hands under the stewardship of their member, Sarah Henderson. I would also like...

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Table tennis upgrade for Moe

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (13:41):  Jim Connaghan, Ken Finlay, John Forsyth, Pat Esse and Kalie Nookes are committee members of the Keenagers. Keenagers are retired people who play table tennis. They play table tennis at Latrobe Leisure Moe Newborough. A long time ago...

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Representing McMillan – June 22, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (12:25):  I want to talk today about representation. I raised an issue about aged care in this chamber only a few weeks ago. The first tweet that came through was: 'Broadbent just wants to pork barrel his electorate.' I want to say to that...

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Bunyip aged care funding – June 15, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (10:18):  Aged care is the most difficult area of our life. It goes from wonderful care to incontinence pads. I ask the question then: when the small community aged-care provider Hillview, who asked for 14 beds worth approximately $917,000,...

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The closure of Hazelwood – March 27, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (18:50):  I am the member for McMillan and I represent the workers in the Latrobe Valley. Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved. Mark Twain, 1835-1910. Today, it is not a...

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Karmai Children’s Centre – March 21, 2017

Mr BROADBENT (McMillan) (19:55):  The spirit of a country community skyrockets when they are doing something for their children. Representatives from all over Korumburra and district gathered to celebrate the opening of the Karmai Community Children's Centre. This was...

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